Two Years Later

Fading Blue Moon. August 21, 2013. North Texas
Occupy (if you don't mind my mentioning that movement) spent the latter days of 2011 bringing the inequities of the US economy to light. Now, Vanityfair is writing about it. The message has gone a far ways from what I started back in 2004 in Yahoo groups.

Adbusters is acting like an economic and cultural Cleric casting judgment on Western culture. Reminds me of Iatola Komani denouncing the Shah of Iran from France before the Islamic Revolution. Still even Wiki no longer gives them credit for what was suggested on July 13, 2011. They do get credit for posting the "Hashtag" (#OccupyWallStreet) on Twitter, however.

Many Millennials blame the current state of affairs on the Babyboomers. It was Nixon who disconnected wealth from production in 1971, and it was Reagan who oversaw the gutting of US factory and manufacturing. They're not exactly Babyboomers. However, when the sun sets on this era, it will be the Babyboomers who get the responsibility for the I've-got-mine-to-hell-with-you attitude that came out of the chronic boom and bust cycles which have occurred since 1971.

According to CBS last night, Obama is considering bombing Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles. This is in response to the Syrian military using gas on the Syrian population. This Civil War began on March 15, 2011. Most of us in the west heard nothing about it until recently.

So many of the Anarchist cry "Smash the State" on the street. I wonder if they actually realize they are playing into the hands of the Multi-National Corporations who want nothing better than a world without borders where they can come and go as they please, and do what they please with populations. Somehow, there are supposed to be rights and liberties in a world without nation-states and civil authority. That is the Libertarian dream too. That is called "wage slavery."

Next week I will be starting the mandatory work on Saturday. I do like the work I do. Funny, I am reluctant to tell you more about that since I am concerned about being let go if I do. Right now I need the job. Funny what has been done in the US by Multi-Nationals misusing the laws (or lack of) in the US. The firm I work at is either out of Taiwan or Singapore. The supervisors are not exactly forthright about the corporate headquarter location. I get the impression that most of them don't know, and the ones who know will not say. The majority of their staff work through Temporary firms. The majority of their office staff are "not locals." 


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