National Gathering 2013

Occupy Chicago, Congress and Michigan, October 15, 2012

This coming week Occupy Kalamazoo is hosting the second annual National Gathering in Kalamazoo, MI. The conference begins on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, and runs through Sunday, August 25, 2013. The gathering is set to host Occupy activist, and others. 

The location of the summit is 1407 Bryant Street in Kalamazoo.  Detailed information is available on the website at: OCCUPY(INTER) NATIONAL GATHERING IN KALAMAZOO, MI. Information on resource sharing is available at Offer/Find/Share Rides,Housing, Supplies and Services for NatGat2.

Since I will not be there, there are a few exhibits which I am offering for consideration to everyone attending #NG2Zoo in Michigan.

First is a call for inclusive National dialogue which was written in 2007 as the clouds of concern were forming: You Say You Want a Revolution.

The second is a renewed call for safe community: Robin Hood.

The third is a discussion on race in general from the same 2007 work: Race Relations.

The fourth is an alternative view of the Justice system and the courts: An Alternative to the Judicial System.

The entire body of work, Wealth, Women, and War, is available through Amazon for the kindle.

In my opinion The Occupy movement has shifted away from the needs of the 99%. The economy, as shown by the Detroit Bankruptcy, is dismally anemic. We are in the sixth year of the contagion, and jobless recovery. Wages lag far behind the boom of the money traders on Wall Street. While slowing down, the bailed out banks are still taking homes away from people who played by the rules. While the citizens have learned to live on less, the Oligarchy still rules the nation with a heavy hand. These issues still beg for solutions, and move as raggedy ghost in the back alley of capitalism.

It is past time to put away differences, forgive personal weaknesses, look for conceptual solutions which will aid all citizens, and fix the disarray shaped by years of privileged glut.

Follow #Occupy and #NG2Zoo on twitter for more information as events unfold.


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