Resources are More Than Just Money.

LaSalle and Jackson, Occupy Chicago 2011
Having resources to get a job done is much more than having the physical assets necessary to complete a certain task.  A resource does include the bus or “L” fare, and covering the monthly cell phone bill. That is a given. However, they also include having the contact with the knowledge of how to get to a given location at the least cost. It is knowing who is willing to front the capital to achieve a certain end. It is knowing the way to communicate the need to the given sub-culture in such a way that it is accepted and understood, and responded to positively.  It is knowledge of how to get to a given location safely, and how to maintain that level of safety within that location. It is knowing where you will be sleeping at night. It is knowing you will have a meal that day, or the next. Resources include have the internal knowledge to complete the task you are trying to achieve. It is also knowing that there is a sufficient sub culture who is readily accepting of the effort you are putting forth to complete a task which they value. Having the resources to do a given job is more than just cash in fist. Having resources is a matter of having “the means to achieve a socially acceptable goal,” to paraphrase Merton. [i]

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