You Really Want A Revolution?

LaSalle and Jackson, Chicago, Il, September 24, 2011 

The Fab Four made the score,
A Revolution is in store,
Global change the assigned chore,
Address the ills of the money whore.

Occupy Chicago, LaSalle and Jackson. September 24, 2011
What is it you seek to do?
Make human nature anew?
Wanting only what is true,
History’s record is unskewed.

This is not the lover’s decadent dance.
People have marshaled with less of a chance.
Alter the fate of like defiant France,
Against King and Church was the stance.

Occupy Chicago, LaSalle and Jackson,  October 2011

But that was a damn long time ago,
And Antoinette succumbed to the guillotine’s blow.
But that historic feat did not make humanity grow,
Enlightenment, Knowledge, Awareness comes slow.

Since the day of the humane blade,
Millions have history’s debt paid.
Names in ledgers, on stonework, portrayed,
Great tales of courage and outrage made.

Occupy Chicago, LaSalle and Jackson, October 2011

So, the musical question has worth,
Is a new society what you seek, a rebirth?
What of the horrors that will be unearthed?
What fiends will be called forth?


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