Way Past Time

Protester in Guy Fawkes Mask, September 24, 2011, Chicago, IL 

Way past time to make a stand,
Corruption is the law of the land.
That is what we all understand,
So now it is time to make a plan.

Gathered in a New York summer park,
Just A few hours before it’d go dark,
Citizens concerned about greed’s ugly mark,
Worn down bate for Wall Street’s Sharks.

Intelligent people from all walks of life,
Telling their story about living in strife.
The nation who bore them now corrupted rife,
Lead by predators snuffing out life.

The single issue upon which agreed,
The flow of money was the unholy seed.
“One person; One dollar; One Vote,” Was the creed,
That was the message that would succeed.

Over the weeks the discussion turned,
How to teach? How to learn?
How to make the imagination churn?
Will the remaining citizens finally learn?

Camping out in public space,
Take the clue from the Arab case.
Live open upon the common trace,
In tents, on mats, open, in place.

One night on a late August date,
The vote was confirmed on that slate.
A test camp, sidewalk arrests made, court decision did wait.
The judge tossed charges Occupy’s elate. 

September 17, 2011 was the “step off” date. 


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